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The World's most trusted
internet protection.

Free security software provides good basic protection, but if you
shop, pay bills, chat, or download files online, you need the extra
layer of protection
that Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security provides.

Shop, bank, and make travel arrangements online securely.

Ad-Aware actively shields you from the latest cyber threats, including virus, spyware, password stealers, keyloggers, trojans, dialers, and other potential identity thieves.

Download photos, music, and other files with confidence.

Ad-Aware's behavior-based detection finds suspicious files and threats before they integrate into your PC and attack your personal information.

400 Million People Trust Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security gives you the power to combat the cyber threats of today and tomorrow, with proactive real-time protection against viruses, spyware, trojans, keyloggers, hidden rootkits, blended malware, and scareware. With advanced anti-malware technology, minimal strain on system resources, and easy-to-use set and forget functionality, Ad-Aware gives you the power to protect your online privacy and security so that you can use the Internet how, when, and where you want.

Your Privacy

Erase tracks left behind
while surfing the Web, on
browsers such as Internet
Explorer, Opera, and
Firefox, in one easy click.

System Performance

Conserve resources and
reduce downtime by using
automated scans to identify
and remove malicious
applications that eat up

Safeguard your
secure documents

Ad-Aware actively shields
you and your business from
deceptive applications and
cyber attacks.

Get that
Peace of Mind

Ad-Aware cleans and
restores your system after
an attack to keep your PC
running as new.

Compatible with:

Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit),
Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit),
Windows XP (32-bit),
Windows 2000 Pro

Available in:

English, French, German, Japanese,
Traditional Chinese, Simplified
Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
Portuguese, Swedish

"Provides solid and reliable
protection with great flexibility
available to the user... combining
leading detection technologies
from the anti-spyware and
traditional anti-virus worlds."

- Virus Bulletin